18 Month sleep regression : Sleep deprived, teething & routine

18 Month sleep regression : Sleep deprived, teething & routine

Sleep regression
You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, sleep regression is something I’m more than familiar with 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, EVERY BLOODY MONTH. Now we’re at 18 months and that all too familiar waking, sometimes screaming bloody murder after peacefully being asleep is back with a Vengeance! Damn you sleep regression. 

What the hell is sleep regression anyway?

It is when your perfect little baby who slept perfectly from newborn decides to fuck you over. No, I’m joking! but I’m kind of not. Most people use sleep regression to tell them that a baby or toddler, who’s been sleeping well, suddenly (often without any warning) begins waking frequently at night and/or refusing to nap during the day. These regressions usually last for a period of time. Usually, 2-6 weeks and then the baby’s sleep returns to its normal patterns.


Sleep regression is usually linked to growth development that can impact sleep quite negatively.
Teething Could be to blame. Around 18 months your baby’s molars are coming through (ouch) Honestly those pesky teeth are always to blame! This can obviously lead to discomfort & disturb sleep

Separation anxiety is very common even though at 18 months your baby is becoming very independent, they still experience separation anxiety. Afternoon nap no longer exist? Separation anxiety could be to blame.

Night terrors – usually begin around 4 however they have been reported cases in children as young as 18 months. Just keep your eye out as this can be incredibly scary for a baby. More info here

Discipline or not?

This is a tricky one! Do you discipline your baby or not? Are they simply being naughty or genuinely going through something? I personally can always tell when Sofiya’s cry is a genuine upset or if she’s “faking it” In which cause a firm “No” & leaving her to cry will work.
Sleep regression is exhausting just the other night we were sat in the bathroom at 4 am after she woke at 9 pm, 12 am, 1:30 am & then 4 am desperately trying not to wake the house. Being sleep deprived makes parenting harder plus at 18 months old they’re likely to throw a temper and be defiant. Which in turn can be stressful as you know if your baby doesn’t sleep they end up cranky & so do you.

Tips, Tricks, and Magic tricks?

Tips welcome on a postcard, please….
No, really I think it depends on your child, only you know them and you need to figure out the best solution. However little tips I think are helping, Stick with your routine don’t give up and think “Fuck it get in my bed & go sleep” this will pass! You may never get your child out of your bed. A little cuddle never hurt after all there only babies & if anything could be a little scared. It’s confusing all this growing and learning.

Next stop… The terrible two’s *Bring it on whilst I silently sob into my coffee.* (if you could see my face right now, I’m on the verge of crying)

Nicole x