26 life lessons in 26 years

26 life lessons in 26 years

A quarter century + one, I crossed the half way mark to 50! how has this happened? Well of course I know how, I just mean I remember being in primary school playing hopscotch. Sitting outside my nans house with one of those bright colourful radios, eating chips & bacon pieces in a cone. Innocent to life. I remember my 16th Birthday as if it were yesterday. Milestones just keep flying past me & I don't take them lightly. A lot has happened in my 26 years, I kinda understand why my grandad has so many stories.

I consider all my accomplishments and even though it's not much. Somedays I question what ur eject am I doing with my life? I feel pretty good about where I am right now. I keep telling myself it's ok I'm still young and you know what? I'm right! I still have so much more to look forward too.

As much fun as it is celebrating 26 years of life, it's also pretty darn stressful. Some of you may be able to relate – and if you're not there yet then maybe this list of 26 Life lessons in 26 years is something to read, remember and add too.

  • Peabody Amelia

    that is a great list for any age. Treat this as the next chapter and how do you want to full it and journey you want to take.

  • Hazel

    I’m now 28, and when I was 25 or so I remember thinking about the lessons I had learnt in my time on earth, and how I had changed in my mindset and ways of thinking over the years. If these are some lessons you’ve learnt then that’s fab. I hope you continue to carry them with you.

  • loving these life lessons! Some of them I live by myself! I’m the same age as you and life just seems to be flying by right now compared to when I was a kid. Good luck on your next chapter and remember to carry these life lessons with you everywhere 🙂

    Heather xox

  • Fabulous lessons and a happy birthday!