5 Lessons I’ve learnt from my 4 year old daughter 

My Daughter is turning 5 this year. Every day I look at her and I’m completely amazed by how far she has come.

Our Mother/daughter relationship is unconventional yet she teaches me as much as I am teaching her.

life lesson

Say what you want and do not be afraid to say no

Olivia may be non-verbal however when she wants something, oh boy does she let you know. Either she will throw her arms out. Let’s out a distinguished cry or stomp her feet.

Always communicate

Let people know what you want or need & don’t expect them to read your mind.
My daughter will laugh and cry uncontrollably. Until peace is restored. Laughter and crying are self-healing mechanisms to let go of tension, fear and anger.

Let your emotions free – Don’t hold on to the tears & make sure you share the laughter.

Make friends regardless of the situation

My daughter is non-verbal, non-communication yet at her nursery she has an abundance of friends. It melts my heart when her teachers tell me about all her friends & how they help her play and interact.

Do not be afraid to meet new people. Sometimes we put up invisible barriers when we meet somebody new. Never really knowing how they could benefit our life.

The small things are actually the really big things!

My daughter will find happiness from a simple song, she will find happiness from something so small it’s easily missed. She lives in the moment and she appreciates every tiny minute.

Do not try to make your life something it’s not, Social media can make us miserable when we compare lives. Look back through your life and notice all the small moments you appreciate. Something small that you may have missed.

You are a lot stronger than you think.

Olivia has gone through experiences that could have killed her, I’m immensely proud of her resilience. We often underestimate our strength & our own abilities until we are tested.