A home filled with Adaptive equipment 

A home filled with Adaptive equipment 

It was a bit difficult at first to have our house filled with adaptive equipment, seeing my baby measured for every aspect of her life from eating, standing, playing, sleeping and bathing was intense emotionally. Before my eyes, she had gone from Olivia the baby to Olivia who required equipment for disabled children. Obviously, those thoughts were pushed aside when I realised how much these will improve not only Olivia’s quality of life yet will help us feed and pay with her easier, she will sleep better and can experience the world. A whole world of new possibilities.

 Olivia currently requires:

A squiggles seating system

  • Provides postural support
  • Can be lowered so we can play on the floor or higher so we can sit at a table

A squiggles Standing frame

  • 3 ways to stand prone, supine & upright
  • Her fav equipment piece, Olivia loves to stand up.

Adapted bath seat 

Piedro rehabilitation boots

Bed adaptions – this is the most difficult to get right as Olivia hates sleeping on her back. We have a regular toddler bed but have added leg heights & padded body supports (back & legs)

This year Olivia was fitted for her wheelchair her physio helped us decide on which was best to support Olivia and her needs. We decided on an Ottobock Kimba neo with a moulded seat. The frame will last approx 8-10 years & the seat mould will last 5-6 years as it has removable layers. So far It’s fantastic it’s a little on the heavy side which is to be expected, it folds down without the need to remove parts and you can add a toddler board to the bottom. The only downside is there isn’t a canopy or rain cover & because the frame is square instead of round it’s been difficult to find anything to fit.

We’re currently waiting for:

  • P-pod – Almost like a giant bean bag but with solid postural support.
  • Hand & feet splints – These will help with supporting her ankles & keeping her hands open.

Other adaptive changes to consider are a home that’s fully adapted (which we’re currently waiting for) this will either be a house with a lift or a bungalow. Wheelchair adapted car (we currently have a 5 door golf which is fine as Olivia still fits into her stage 2 maxi Cosi car seat)

It’s overwhelming and we’re aware this is just the beginning, however, we take it one day at a time.