Anxiety, What the hell does it mean? And ways you can manage it. 

Anxiety, What the hell does it mean? And ways you can manage it. 

Anxiety is something we need to talk about more and stop being ashamed off! Anxiety is a REAL Illness based on extreme fear (as well as other mental health issues) To banish the stigma behind mental health we must talk about it more!

Anybody and everybody can suffer from anxiety and it affects us all in different ways. Whilst Anxiety more often than not comes without warning, there usually are triggers. It could be an upcoming work deadline or an overcrowded busy space.
Anxiety is silent you wouldn’t notice it in the outside, but on the inside, you can be so stressed! simple tasks become unmanageable. Heart palpitations, feeling dizzy, nausea, chest pains are only a few of the symptoms people experience.
Attacks come in All shapes and sizes! Panic attacks, feeling on edge or a little anxious. You can get snappy or verbally aggressive – it takes on SO many different forms it’s not just what you see in the movies of sweaty hands and racing pulses! Everybody deals with it in their own way.

Having anxiety is NOT
A way to get attention

A choice

A character flaw


Sleep – Numerous studies have shown that being tired and grouchy can heighten emotions, especially anxiety. Getting into a routine of sleeping and waking at a reasonable hour in a bid to keep anxiety to a minimum.

Did you know? There’s a song that’s been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety by 65%! It’s called weightless by Marconi union. It was specifically designed to reduce blood pressure, lower heart rate and lower cortisol levels. It’s so effective you’re advised not to listen whilst driving as it can cause drowsiness!

Caffeine – Reducing your caffeine intake can have a huge impact on anxiety. Caffeine, as you know, is a stimulant and therefore triggers your flight or fight response. By limiting how much coffee or fizz you drink you lower your risk of a panic attack because your heart won’t be racing as fast. Of course, I’m not expecting anybody to completely cut caffeine out it’s hard to trust me I’ve done it before! A detox every now and then is really beneficial, however.
 Grounding technique



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**Disclaimer – I am not a medical professional, these are just suggestions from my own personal experience. Please see a doctor if your symptoms are unmanageable, they can advise on the best step to take next.**