Birthday letter to my better half

Birthday letter to my better half

Dear Michael, Each day you inspire me. You wake up and conquer each day with a strong will and determination. I am so grateful for all of the hours and hard work you endure for us and our future. 

You loved me when I was broken, you rescued me from despair. You wrapped your arms around me making sure I knew you were there. You love me far better than I deserve to be loved. Thank you for always finding a way to make me smile.

Today I am thankful that I am your girlfriend and mother to your children. I am thankful that you continue to choose me daily despite my imperfections.

Today I am thankful for the genuine, sincere love you have for our girls. You are the most incredible father and my heart melts when I see you with our babies.

Today I am thankful for the years we have spent together, perfect and imperfect times.

So let’s make the most of each moment today and every day. Let’s not regret a single second. Let’s make these next years even better than the last, laughing all the way.
Happy Birthday
You are loved more than you know.

All of my love

Nicole xo