Our blenderized diet experience so far

We are now about four months into the blenderized diet.

The results so far:

– Olivia has gained almost double her body weight going from a scary 13lbs to 23.5lbs

– Vomiting every single feed we were capable of getting in her to barely spitting up

– Olivia went from severe constipation – severe diarrhoea to stooling healthily 1-2 times a day

– Most important Olivia is happy and comfortable all day every day.

Clearly, Neocate formula does not agree with Olivia if given more than 2/3 times a day, Olivia will vomit and have diarrhoea resulting in weight loss. Health professionals wanted her diet once she received her ng tube to consist of ONLY formula. I’m glad we work so closely with her paediatrician and she agrees I know best. Now her body is responding healthily to real food. I’m amazed that this is overlooked due to the possibility her tube can become blocked (you need a high power blender for this to work) and formula is the necessary choice over actual food. I recognise this diet isn’t appropriate for all children, it takes a lot of work to plan meals especially when dietary needs must be taken into consideration.

I do believe it should be given as an option along with education in nutritional value making sure your child receives the appropriate amount of nutrients daily

For our family the blenderized diet has worked wonders it’s been completely life changing. A few short months ago our child was pretty much starving and now she’s full of life. It’s mind boggling it wasn’t an option sooner, what’s even more interesting is this diet isn’t anything special it consists of real food you would eat daily, our daughter was suffering from dehydration and hunger we were often admitted to hospital were she was given fluids it took months for us to receive a feeding tube. Yet why not just purée real food, feed it through a tube directly into her stomach and see if she could tolerate it? Her body is designed after all to eat and survive from real food.

Don’t ever be afraid to have a say. Yes the professionals are there to help but nobody knows your child better than yourself. 

Our essential supplies

  • NutriBullet pro blender – high powdered blender
  • 60cc syringes
  • Silk tube

Support groups

Facebook – children with feeding tubes
blenderized food for tubies