Why I started my blog, who I am & what I stand for.

Why I started my blog, who I am & what I stand for.

If you’ve been here from the beginning (which honestly, wasn’t too long ago) when I created this blog you will see I’ve deterred from my original “niche” It certainly isn’t intentional as raising awareness for Periventricular leukomalacia until everybody understands is still my ultimate goal, it’s just some days are easier spreading that message than others. Somedays The words flow and the sentences form other days…Nothing!

I can’t think of many other experiences where you voluntarily place yourself right back at the centre of trauma day in day out. This a constant learning curve to establish what I need to do to stay in control of the ever flowing anxieties.

“Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it.”

Blogging about Mental Health can be somewhat controversial! However as time went on I found myself having really rubbish days, I found myself wanting to speak up about things that I had long kept locked inside. I wanted to write about the days spent behind fake smiles, behind closed doors of illnesses. Here I found my passion, a passion for mental health awareness.

I want to give people a helping hand, something I struggled to find in the online community. For those who are struggling, the internet is sometimes the only place we feel comfortable to turn. We do not have to face the looks of pain and judgment we fear most online.

I blog because for so long I didn’t have a voice, I couldn’t voice my feelings. For so long I fell deeper and deeper into despair.

I want to become a voice of support, of honesty. If I have to live with mental illnesses then I want to use them for good. If I have to live with isability being part of Motherhood then I want to raise awareness. I want to turn something that hurts me everyday into something that may just save someone else’s life. For me, my blog has become a safe place for me, and I hope that by writing my blog, that I can extend this feeling to others, no matter how far away they may be.

And that is why I blog.

Have you checked out my FAQ page? You might find some answers to any questions there.


  • Well I never knew about this Nicole, so you have educated me thank you. My blog too has not gone in quite the direction I have first envisioned but love my work all the same. I too realised I have a voice and a passion for raising awareness on topics. Loving your work.

    Sarah 🦋 MamiSkilts.co.uk

    • Thank you Sarah! I think a blog is a great outlet somewhere we can share what we love but can also help somebody else. Being too focused on a “niche” can sometimes not work as I’ve found! I’ve got too much to say about everything haha

  • I love this! Good on you for sharing your story and for spreading awareness. I started my blog waaayyyy back in the high school days as a sort of diary to vent. It’s since turned in to predominantly a beauty blog, but I understand how helpful an outlet a blog can be. 🙂

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

    • Thanks Christie. I love blogging your right its a great place to vent and share.

  • Jhilmil Bhansali

    Such a nice read with deep feelings! I started blog to put feelings in the words & express out to the world! Great to know your side!

  • I think it’s SO important to share your story when you struggle. You never know if it could help others. I’m all about being honest on my blog.

  • Tiffany Stuart

    Thank you for sharing this. Blogs can evolve and change but I feel that they most inspiring are the ones that show the writer’s vulnerability.

  • Ola Broom

    That’s the beauty of blogging, you can change direction anytime you choose. This new direction though is just an even more positive extension of the old one. While it’s helpful and appreciated by many that you blog about mental health, it’s also refreshing to read about how you reach out to others to be a “voice of support and honesty”. There’s always more happiness in giving.

  • twinklingtina

    Evolution is true everywhere, even in blogs! Congratulations. I have done the same, from being a personal journal its a Lifestyle blog today!

  • T-Nicole Johnson

    Thank you for sharing. The best blogs to me are the ones that are not covered with “fluff”. Your posts will defiantly continue to help people.

  • Olujorby Chemqueen

    Everyone have a reason for blogging. Creating a blog doesn’t mean you have to stick to a particular niche . As times goes on, you can divert for reasons best known to you. So far you love what you do and readers also benefit from it.

  • The reasons are so thoughtful, I hope you continue to help people through your blog. Talking about Anxiety, I have been coping with Anxiety for a few years now.

  • Ana Ojha

    Everyone has their own reasons to create their blogs. Glad that you’re creating awareness and helping others!

  • Afroza Khan

    Thank you for sharing this! I love that you found the voice and now can share your triumphs and tribulations on this space. Keep writing 🙂

  • I’m really happy to hear you’ve found a voice through blogging! With mental illness, sometimes just opening up is the best medicine.

  • Peabody Amelia

    thank you for sharing and offering a safe place for other to know they are NOT alone.

  • Gloria McBreen

    I have never heard of Periventricular leukomalacia. I also didn’t realise that blogging about mental health was controversial. There are so many issues & health conditions that have an impact on our mental health so I think it’s important to make people aware.
    I am now aware of the condition Periventricular leukomalacia because you are blogging about it. Id like to reblog or backlink this on my own blog as I do write a little bit about mental health awareness.

    • Your right it’s not a common medical condition it can result in cerebral palsy which obviously is very common. I’ve found post natal depression and mental health for mothers especially can be a “taboo” topic which I like writing about it to raise awareness. I’m very thankful and honoured you’d like to link to my blog! Thank you

  • Your passion just pours through this post, love it!

  • Devina Vadera

    Thank you for sharing your story- this is a great outlet and I am so happy you have found a safe pace to talk about it x good for you!