What I’ve learned from blogging about Mental Health 

What I’ve learned from blogging about Mental Health 

I’ve been blogging about Mental health for seven months which wasn’t my original plan when I created my blog. That doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten why I started my blog in the first place as raising awareness for Periventricular leukomalacia will always be my ultimate goal. You can read my 10 things to know about PVL. Yet since sharing my journey through Postnatal depression even though sometimes it’s challenging it’s been so rewarding.

I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt in the few short months.

With sharing comes Freedom

The stigma of depression means that it can be really tough to talk about. You probably know somebody who has struggled with or still struggling with mental illness, and if you don’t it’s likely because society has made depression, Anxiety and other mental health issues taboo. Instead of keeping it a secret from others and sometimes from ourselves talking about it gives those scary and relentless thoughts an outlet. Opening the door for support from others. It’s important to have the space to digest those thoughts, to work through them and look at them from a different perspective. Writing so honestly about my mental health and even my daughter’s disability feels somewhat therapeutic and something I credit in aiding with my recovery. Once the words were out of my head I felt a huge pressure had been lifted. My blog although shared publicly online is mine, it’s my little corner where I can express my thoughts and feelings.


When I started blogging I had no idea how big the Blogosphere really was. Now I’ve made incredible friendships with people not only across the U.K. But the world. I receive amazing comments daily and I’m honestly honoured people find comfort in my pieces I write and want to open up to me.


Every person who writes a blog has multiple thoughts when hitting the publish button, one is “Who is really going to want to read this”? I thought the exact same thing. Yet within my first 6 months I’d achieved 50,000 views it’s nothing compared to the big blogs out their but it’s something to me! Now I have various pieces of my writing published with some amazing online journals. Recently being asked for my work to be published with a mental health magazine.

I became courageous

The more honestly I wrote the more courageous I became with accepting and sharing my story. Being able to talk about it and know that even through all the darkness that was Depression I found the light. The most powerful things about sharing my story of mental illness are that not only did it allow people to see they are not alone in this suffering, but it’s helped other people be courageous. It’s helped other people share their story!

It has the power to transform your life

I’m not saying you’re going to make millions and a book deal. More in the way you’re personal life will change. It’s enabled me to do what I love, to find a true passion that is writing, helping others and raising awareness. That is the best reward for myself. Often a blog is where people turn to when things get tough. A blog post can be that one thing that changes someone’s perspective.




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  • Deb’s World

    A very timely post and I too have shared personal and honest feelings at the sudden death of my brother in law. The grief hurt so much that writing and running helped me cope. Good luck and keep writing.

  • Ritu Kaur BP

    I 100% agree with you. Sharing your experiences can help so many. X

  • Natasha Szynkarski Bodley

    I can 100% relate to your post. I find blogging helped me with my own mental health issues, indeed it gave me the courage to do my masters in creative writing and my next adventure is get to g into the open Mic poetry scene. Creativity is so important to be able to express. Blogging Is a great way to start start expressing the self in a positive way x

  • I’m glad to hear blogging has helped you deal with your mental health issues. I think expression is so healthy for all of us whether we’re expressing via a blog or friends or with a therapist. It helps us deal with those hard issues that come into our lives.

    • Oh 100% I feel so much better now I’m opening up more & the response has been heartwarming

  • I agree. Blogging has become an essential component of my self care. A willingness to be vulnerable, and seeing that vulnerability rewarded through new and genuine relationships is such and unexpected gift. But one that has made this blogging journey far more successful than I ever though possible.

  • Daphne DuMariner

    The entire purpose of my blog has been one of catharsis. All my life I’ve expressed more through writing than through words so it’s always a nature format for me.
    Sometimes I think I risk looking like a total jerk, or a giant baby wahh waaaahing about my mummy and daddy issues, but that’s the part of the process and life.