Blog inspiration // Four blogs you will not unsubscribe from.

Blog inspiration // Four blogs you will not unsubscribe from.

There’s no denying blogging has blown up BIG time over the past couple of years. I created my blog just 6 months ago, however, I’ve been following blogs and reading blogs for a lot longer. I wanted to write this post for inspiration but also a shout out to the incredible people behind these blogs.

I first discovered the majority of bloggers on YouTube when I myself tried ( & failed) at making beauty related videos. What’s amazing is I’ve stuck with these bloggers over the years & seen them grow their empires which are so incredibly inspiring.


GRACE VICTORY Graciefrancesca

This woman right here is the OG YouTuber / Blogger / Vlogger all around Girl boss I first followed religiously. She describes herself as the “internets big sister” & rightly so she’s down to earth, relatable & funny. Yet she still shows her vulnerable side. She’s an advocate for Mental health & body positivity. Her work ethic is on another level adding BBC presenter & book writer to her growing list of accomplishments. What’s not to love about Grace? You need to check her out.

LILY PEBBLES lilypebbles

Lily pebbles was created back in 2010 covering beauty, fashion, travel & lifestyle Not much has changed in regards to her topics however her content has definitely grown. Her down to earth nature makes her easy to read and watch (lily also vlogs) She also has a Blogging tips section where I spent hours reading her tips & advice when I created my own blog.

These next two blogs are recent discoveries I’m beyond happy I stumbled across. They give me a sense of normality whenever I read them. No fuss, just straight to the point exactly how blogging used to be before aesthetically designing your blog became popular & I think it’s great having that balance between my choices.

MIA Cigarettes and Calpol

Mia is a twenty-something-year-old mum blogging about a wide range of topics. She’s witty, funny but importantly she’s real! She writes about Motherhood the good, the bad & the ugly. “I plan on writing awe-inspiring, painfully truthful and revolutionary posts on how it really is to be a young mum in today’s world” Her instagram stories are hilarious and so relatable it’s hard not to love her. Plus she handles negativity & trolls perfectly!! 

JOHN SENNETT  johns road to volunteering

I discovered John after stumbling across a twitter chat community. He’s a Charity & Lifestyle blogger with a big heart. John is so incredibly friendly & the message he’s spreading through his blog is fantastic. One goal, one journey, One man.. You will certainly learn a thing or two about yourself reading his blog. 

I’m always looking for inspiration – Please leave any blog recommendations below