I am a Mother & I am also a Carer.

I am a Mother & I am also a Carer.

I’ve written about Olivia & Sofiya’s health concerns here and here.

Until a few years ago carer wasn’t how I’d describe myself. I was pregnant due to become a Mother. With how our life is, especially writing this blog I think more about this word “carer” Am I a mother along with a carer? Is there a difference between the two? 

Both girls Struggle with everyday tasks, Sofiya is of course only 17 months old so this is to be expected, Olivia is four years old and struggles with tasks other children do with ease at her age.

  • Supporting herself -Sitting & Walking
  • Feeding
  • Playing
  • Washing / Showering
  • Being able to dress herself

I guess I am a carer. I teach Sofiya every day to participate in these tasks, to teach her to become independent one day. The outcome with Olivia isn’t the same, I teach her & talk about what we’re doing yet it’s simply not to startle her.

As their Mother I know my children better than anybody else, to me I’m simply their mother assisting like any other parent would. At four years old I’m aware Olivia would naturally be able to do the things above with ease, yet she can not. She requires help 24/7. 

To me the term carer is difficult to acknowledge, I just want to be her mummy nothing more nothing less. I want to hold her hand whilst she skips to school, to feel her hug me & to hear her tell me she loves me.

Are you a Mother who is also a Carer? Please get in touch.