There’s no denying blogging has blown up BIG time over the past couple of years. I created my blog just 6 months ago, however, I’ve been following blogs and reading blogs for a lot longer. I wanted to write this post for inspiration but also a shout out to the incredible people behind these blogs.… View Post

Podcasts are my new found love. Whether I am cleaning, waiting around at the hospital or during the girl’s nap time. I have probably listened to over 20 or so that I absolutely love, this post has taken me a while to write as I’ve struggled to narrow it down. I decided to split them… View Post

I’m loving these Self-care Sunday instalments! I have learnt a lot about myself & These past few weeks I’ve been working on a digital mood board. WHAT IS A MOODBOARD?  An arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept. Mood boards have been used by… View Post

When you have a child who has a neurological disorder hospital becomes second nature, you spend a great deal of time there. Sometimes it’s numerous hospitals. You meet an overwhelming amount of professionals involved in your child’s life. We’ve been to a hospital more times than I can count this includes long stays. Over time… View Post