I’ve written about Olivia & Sofiya’s health concerns here and here. Until a few years ago carer wasn’t how I’d describe myself. I was pregnant due to become a Mother. With how our life is, especially writing this blog I think more about this word “carer” Am I a mother along with a carer? Is… View Post

Bringing up a child opens up a certain level of self-doubt within yourself. First of all, It’s not uncommon during Motherhood, after all, you’re responsible for another human beings life. This amount of responsibility is sometimes overwhelming and as a result of this, I question everything. Will I be a good enough mother? Will I… View Post

I promise I will hold you tight I will comfort you when you cry I can’t promise you easy days without clouds and darkness or that tomorrow will be perfect However, I can promise that during those days I will hold you close and cuddle you until the sun sets I can promise you my… View Post

19th August 2015 – 8 days old When we discovered Sofiya had suffered a perinatal stroke in her occipital lobe, we were shocked, to say the least. I had always associated having a stroke with older people. Discovering it’s common for a newborn baby to suffer from one left me completely dumbfounded. The Consultant pulled… View Post

Coming home, Today and everything in between. We came home in March 2013 and as I’m writing this its November 2016. A lot has happened in the last 3 years, Epilepsy diagnoses, feeding tubes, Surgeries and having another baby Sofiya Poppy Koropisz.  We enjoyed the typical family life of having a newborn baby, and for… View Post

We spent 3 months living in 3 different hospitals, Whilst our daughter fought for her life. Here is our story. Hiding away at the very end of the maternity ward there is a completely different world. It’s almost as if it’s being kept a secret from the unsuspecting parents to be coming to give birth,… View Post