A common misconception is “you will eat if you’re hungry”. I can tell you first hand this is incorrect, my four-year-old was pretty much starving herself because she couldn’t physically eat, yet she was so hungry it was frightening. I could hear her stomach rumble, I could see her mouth opening asking for food, I witnessed… View Post

When the time came for Olivia to start using a specialised buggy I honestly had no clue what to expect. Due to Olivia’s small size, we’d gotten away with using a “regular” pram for quite a while. With Olivia having spastic Quadriplegic cerebral palsy we found that she needed significantly more head & trunk support,… View Post

Being a Mother is arguably the hardest job in the world, it doesn’t come with an instruction manual listing step by step, day to day How to proceed. We are all just going through Parenthood as best we can. It’s a learning process that simply never ends. Does it differ when you have a Premature… View Post

Bringing up a child opens up a certain level of self-doubt within yourself. First of all, It’s not uncommon during Motherhood, after all, you’re responsible for another human beings life. This amount of responsibility is sometimes overwhelming and as a result of this, I question everything. Will I be a good enough mother? Will I… View Post

When your child has been officially registered as blind but has vision. Late last year Olivia received a diagnosis of CVI known as Cortical visual impairment. This means the eye takes a normal picture of the object and sends the message to the brain, The message is not properly processed or integrated because of the… View Post

Parenting is perhaps the most difficult journey most of us will ever embark on. Parenting a child with additional needs adds a degree of complexity. Now, we’re 4 years on from official cerebral palsy diagnoses nothing has really changed with regards to medication or therapy. What do you do when you receive a diagnosis regarding your… View Post

It’s been roughly 8 weeks since Olivia had her NG tube and we’ve received her operation date for a Gtube, things are moving quickly thankfully. As soon as she gets her Gtube we can finally begin hydrotherapy! We’ve got less chance of vomiting and it will be even easier to feed Olivia. Anyway back to… View Post

It was a bit difficult at first to have our house filled with adaptive equipment, seeing my baby measured for every aspect of her life from eating, standing, playing, sleeping and bathing was intense emotionally. Before my eyes, she had gone from Olivia the baby to Olivia who required equipment for disabled children. Obviously, those… View Post

Many medical conditions and diseases, along with plenty of other factors may require people the need for tube feeding. Depending on the situation they can be used solely for nutrition, or assistance whilst eating by mouth. In the Summer of 2015, Olivia suffered from a horrendous stomach bug which resulted in a dairy, soy and… View Post

We are now about four months into the blenderized diet. The results so far: – Olivia has gained almost double her body weight going from a scary 13lbs to 23.5lbs – Vomiting every single feed we were capable of getting in her to barely spitting up – Olivia went from severe constipation – severe diarrhoea… View Post