The most basic definition of self-care is any intentional action taken to meet an individual’s Mental, physical, spiritual or emotional needs. In this social media age taking the time to unplug from the outside world is more than important it’s necessary, at certain points the world and other people can place great demands on your… View Post

Being a Mother is arguably the hardest job in the world, it doesn’t come with an instruction manual listing step by step, day to day How to proceed. We are all just going through Parenthood as best we can. It’s a learning process that simply never ends, I may have only been a mother for… View Post

This week I thought I’d start with Something I love, something I’m passionate about & that’s a good skincare regime. Skincare isn’t just “skin care” it’s Selfcare, When I have a facial it’s not just to help my skin it’s to help me feel good.  The past few months or so I’ve found I’ve become… View Post

Self-care, Self-love… This is something I don’t think people practice enough myself included. Sometimes I treat self-care as a reward, yet taking care of yourself is so important Whether you’re a Mother, Father, Student, Male or female we all deal with stress, some days life just gets a little too much. Letting go of anything… View Post

A common misconception is “you will eat if you’re hungry”. I can tell you first hand this is incorrect, my four-year-old was pretty much starving herself because she couldn’t physically eat, yet she was so hungry it was frightening. I could hear her stomach rumble, I could see her mouth opening asking for food, I witnessed… View Post

I’ve written about Olivia & Sofiya’s health concerns here and here. Until a few years ago carer wasn’t how I’d describe myself. I was pregnant due to become a Mother. With how our life is, especially writing this blog I think more about this word “carer” Am I a mother along with a carer? Is… View Post

  I think it’s important to address all aspects of my life including suffering from postnatal depression, encouraging more awareness and bringing comfort to myself and others. I never wanted to tell my story. But If it helps one person Why not share it? I know somewhere out there, there is somebody reading this, relating… View Post

When the time came for Olivia to start using a specialised buggy I honestly had no clue what to expect. Due to Olivia’s small size, we’d gotten away with using a “regular” pram for quite a while. With Olivia having spastic Quadriplegic cerebral palsy we found that she needed significantly more head & trunk support,… View Post

I will never forget the day I was wheeled into NICU the environment was scary, sombre even. Being wheeled up to an incubator housing a 1lb15oz human being, first introduction to my daughter not being allowed to hold her barely being allowed to touch her. I remember the day I finally got to participate in… View Post

I’ve thought about this post long and hard since before I first created my blog, “How does having a child with a neurological disorder affect relationships” How does Disability and Mental Health affect family life? 21% of families with a disabled child say that isolation has led to the break up of their family life.… View Post