Community lead Campaigns will always have my support. Especially when a movement is creating awareness around Diversity, when John the founder of #ILiveItIblogIt and creator of Johns road to volunteering asked me to be apart of it I jumped at the opportunity. The message behind the campaign is something I’ve been keen to acknowledge. 
Diversity or lack of within the Blogosphere.

Worldometers provides a “real-time” count of the number of blog posts written each day. It uses information from Technorati. At the time of writing this blog post, this number is at over 2.5 million.

From my perspective there’s a serious lack of equality in the community.

Labels were created to divide us.

The blogosphere at times can feel very clicky and there’s a certain vibe around successful bloggers. I am all about clapping for successful people yet Campaigns, awards and opportunities it’s visible to see it’s always a certain type of blog content and blogger that gets noticed.  
I write about Mental Health, Disability, family breakdowns, Mindfulness and self care yet it’s the latter that is publicly applauded. Why?why? why? When I was living through relationship breakdowns within my family, my daughters health diagnosis and Depression I desperately searched the internet for real people not statistics. I know there is a serious need for this kind of information but the problem lies with society. Society deems these topics taboo & successful bloggers won’t talk about it because it can potentially harm their “brand”. Well I’m talking about it, I’m writing about it and I will continue to share about it. 

There are so many people creating insane content and helping people. blogging should be a place where diverse people are celebrated.

 I am not part of some exceptional brand of humanity. Fighting for my right to be heard is draining. I get stressed out about caring for my little ones sometimes. I get tired. I become impatient. I have really, really good days and I also have seriously dark days. I can assure you, i am just like everybody else. I just share my triumphs, struggles and everyday challenges on the World Wide Web.

Where are all the bloggers who write openly about this AND being celebrated?

Somedays My content doesn’t include A bright flat lay or twinkly fairy lights it’s real and sometimes raw from the heart. sometimes it’s grim reality content but It’s 100% true, written from where I am in my life right then and there. That content deserves to be shared just as much! 

Recently I changed my profile photo to one showcasing my Curly hair & tanned skin…I LOST 10 followers but that’s a different blog post for a different day! 

I know this post is really only coming from one angle and diversity in blogging goes way way waaay deeper. That’s the fantastic concept with #ILiveItIBlogIt and over the course of the campaign we will be able to read everybody’s perspective. 

I repeatedly hit a brick wall within the Blogosphere Large blogging communities don’t retweet my content! Blogging communities Who can potentially reach a wide scale of people don’t share my work if it refers to disability or mental health. 

I am beyond thankful for the people I have met through blogging but We have to do more to change the current course we are on and I urge you all to recognise this issue within the blogosphere and do the very best you can to help include everybody.

No labels Just fantastic writers sharing diverse content.

The millions of voices in blogging belong to individuals and we all deserve to be heard.

I will never be “perfect” enough for this industry. An industry where 90% are slim, white & got their shit together. The majority of this industry where beauty & lifestyle blogs are incredibly successful. The majority of this industry where your “niche” determines your success. You know what!?! That’s cool because I AM ME and I am 100% okay with that. I love my blog it’s my little corner of the net where I offload. 

  • I loved this blog post. Each person that writes a post for this campaign makes me happier and happier that John made it. There are some people that are speaking about certain topics for the first time. I am happy you wrote this post. I really enjoyed it and could relate a lot to what you said. I wrote my own post for John’s campaign if you want to read it xxx

    Melina | http://www.ivefoundwaldo.com

  • Ritu Kaur BP

    I think I understand where you’re coming from . The blogosphere can be a fickle place . Personally if it reaches my heart.. . I read it .

  • Suzanne Vickery

    As long as I genuine interaction on my blog I am happy as reaching 1000 followers does not mean anything if they just clicked for the sake of it. A saying comes to mind “Not all courses for all horses”:-) So, yes I understand what you are saying.

    • Yes this is exactly my point! Write about what you want (of course) as along as it’s true to you. I also just wish that people were more open & sharing when it comes to the nitty gritty content also

  • Peabody Amelia

    People going through mental health problems or any health problems need to know they are not alone – thank you for doing that. I will be more aware of what I share and the variety of it. Silence is not the answer. I shared this post on Facebook page.

    • 100% agree the more we talk about the more it’s normalised. Thank you for sharing x

  • Judy E Martin

    Hi Nicole, it is lovely to meet you. I don’t even have a niche , nor am I slim and beautiful, AND I suffer from anxiety and depression, so I can understand your frustration!
    However, mental illness is a subject that does need to be addressed and I have always had positive feedback when I have written about it.
    Writing 100% from the heart and staying true to yourself is the most important thing. 🙂

  • Lauren Ephithite

    Really good blog post. I love what you’re saying. Blogging should be real and reflect real life x