2 important ways to Embrace & support your special needs child

2 important ways to Embrace & support your special needs child

I wholeheartedly love my children, Olivia and Sofiya are my entire world. It goes without saying I wish things could be slightly different, I wish they could have a “normal” sibling relationship. It’s so easy to compare my girls and our lives with others, looking at the outward appearance, behaviours and the developmental skills (or lack thereof) rather than looking at the heart. 

What’s most important to realise after learning of said disability, is learning how to embrace your child’s disability as a family.

Two ways to support & embrace your child(red)

1. Embrace & Support your child’s progress

I had to be more intentional on focusing on the positive about my children’s development. I learned to celebrate every milestone, instead of just focusing on the next step and feeling there was never a light at the end of the tunnel. When you see how far your child has come, you realise just how far you’ve made it down that tunnel.

Look at where your child was at a year ago, remember how far they’ve come. Remember how hard everybody has worked to get where they are.  All the physio appointments, emergency hospital visits. Support and love from family members! Sometimes I need that visual reminder of the progress she has made because honestly, it can get overwhelming to see how far they still have to go.

2. Embrace your life path

Nobody knows where in life you’re going no matter how much you plan. When I was pregnant with Olivia I didn’t know she was going to be premature, I didn’t know she was going to be so poorly we’d end up living on hospital grounds for 3 months. For almost 4 years after Olivia was born I was in complete denial about her life. I knew she wasn’t going to be ‘cured’ from cerebral palsy, however, I didn’t think Our life would evolve around therapy & hospital as much as it does.

 The moment I embraced our journey instead of trying to change it or trying to cover it up I felt a million times better.

Olivia learns something new about the world every day. It’s difficult to understand how much knowledge Olivia has yet I can see she’s more relaxed, more confident and more social.