Feeding Tube Awareness week. 

Feeding Tube Awareness week. 

A common misconception is “you will eat if you’re hungry”.

I can tell you first hand this is incorrect, my four-year-old was pretty much starving herself because she couldn’t physically eat, yet she was so hungry it was frightening. I could hear her stomach rumble, I could see her mouth opening asking for food, I witnessed her dramatic weight loss. She cried, I cried with the frustration. Everyday meal times became war! We tried everything from small amounts, making her food sweeter which worked for a certain amount of time however soon she completely refused to eat orally, developing an Oral aversion she would heave and vomit profusely draining all her remaining energy. Eventually, she became a shadow of her former self she stopped smiling and began sleeping 24/7.

The week she received a feeding tube was a blessing.

We had No idea what to expect! Almost immediately Her energy levels increased and she was much more interested in her surroundings. She began to smile and trying to sit up, Her sleep pattern improved. it was amazing to witness how a such a simple procedure could have such an outstanding effect.

Recently Olivia has begun asking for food (in her own way of course) we’ve started giving her small amounts in her mouth letting her have full control over how much. I think almost a year without flavours she’s enjoying tasting food again. She’s nowhere near eating regular meals by any means and will most likely still require a PEG.

I realise we’re not a “Normal” family and this to you may not seem Normal, however, her tube has given us calmness & reassurance our daughter is receiving the nutrition she requires to grow & survive.

An NG tube saved our daughters life!

More information about The feeding tube awareness non profit organisation.