#iTalkDisability Campaign 

#iTalkDisability Campaign 

The #iTalkDisability campaign brings together parents from every walk of life. Who are united by one topic, Disability.

Welcome to my camapaign #iTalkDisability Which will launch November 2017 Starting with guest posts from some incredible parents. I have been thinking of doing a guest post series for a while now, and figured I would base it on something that is 100% relatable to me and my blog. If you didn’t already know Olivia (My eldest) has Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy (amongst other health conditions). My blog was created to raise awareness for peri ventricular leukomalacia until everybody understands.

My campaign will begin with a new blog series called the #iTalkDisability. Being a parent can often feel quite lonely and isolated, Feelings that are exacerbated when your child has a disability.


We are not part of some exceptional brand of humanity. Fighting for our right to be heard is draining. We get stressed out about caring for our little ones sometimes. We get tired. We become impatient. We have really, really good days and I’m certain we also have seriously dark days. We can assure you, we are just like every other parent.


I am hoping that this entire campaign will help others realise that they are not alone and that we are all in this ‘parent club’ together. In my opinion there isn’t enough of a conversation surrounding this especially in mainstream media. I’m hoping in changing this dramatically by talking about it. 

Each Friday I hope to publish a post written by another lovely blogger talking about their thoughts and experiences.

If you would like to take part in the #iTalkDisability contact me: infotheblossomedit@gmail.com


  • Carol Taylor

    I think anyone who copes with a disabled child is amazing.my nephew was disabled and a happy child who is no longer with us sadly but my point is that I didn’t realise how many children there were with the same disability…quite scary actually…

  • Firenze McCowald

    There are so many different kinds of disabilities out there, from life-changing physical disabilities to “hidden” disabilities such as learning differences. It is so important to raise awareness wherever it is needed, as people who’ve never lived with/known/been related to someone with a disability has no idea what it’s like.

  • Claire Saul

    Hi, I found you on Big Up Your Blog facebook group and I think that this campaign is fantastic. So….I have shared this link to my regular Pain Pals feature Monday Magic Inspiring Blogs for You!, and I will also share it in some facebook groups for mums (spoonie/disability/chronic health) – I can think of a couple of suitable mums to send your way! Will email you about more involvement, Claire

    • Oh wow thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind support x