Hi, I’m Nicole twenty-six Manchester girl, Mental Health advocate and disability rights campaigner. I live with my partner Michael and our two daughters Olivia Blossom and Sofiya Poppy. Former Beauty Advisor in Harvey Nichols which I loved, I’m skin care obsessed which you will see here and there. Currently, I am a stay at home mum and full-time carer for Olivia who has Periventricular Leukomalacia / Cerebral Palsy.

We love spending time together as a family including our trips to the farm. Spending time at home watching Disney movies and messy play.

I started my journey into the blogosphere in Nov 2016, with an intention of Raising awareness for Periventricular leukomalacia until everybody understands. Honestly, I was in a bad way after being diagnosed with PND and advised whilst I waited for therapy to write. By sharing my triumphs, struggles and everyday challenges of raising a disabled child I hope that I can help other parents/carers in my position and also help other people have a better understanding of our life. 

As you click through the archives of my little online space I hope you discover something inspirational to help you on your own life journey.

I also love writing about self care and mindfulness something I discovered along my journey. You will also find some personal / keeping it real posts.

I am currently campaigning for Changing places toilets in Stockport

  Our birth story was recently featured On Tommy’s Charity website


I am also Contributor writer for – The Mighty Site & Thrive Global.


You can also email me at infotheblossomedit@gmail.com




All thoughts and views expressed on my blog are honest and my own. Privacy is a big issue with the internet these days and if you subscribe to my blog I will endeavour to keep all information confidential. My full disclaimer can be found here.