Decision for an NG Tube 

Many medical conditions and diseases, along with plenty of other factors may require people the need for tube feeding. Depending on the situation they can be used solely for nutrition, or assistance whilst eating by mouth.

In the Summer of 2015, Olivia suffered from a horrendous stomach bug which resulted in a dairy, soy and lactose intolerance. This ultimately led to her losing a tonne of weight, she was hospitalised after suffering from a virus during this time she underwent a multitude of blood test which all returned clear. For almost a year We adjusted her diet, tried feeding small and regular meals yet in spite of that she didn’t gain weight according, always staying below the recommended percentiles.

Summer of 2016 Olivia caught chicken pox, this saw her eating worsen more than we could have expected. Olivia soon began suffering from severe acid reflux that even medicine couldn’t control. Her quality of life was diminishing before our eyes with her suffering from severe oral aversion we were helpless.

We worked closely with her paediatrician, dietician and her speech therapist. Months of blood work and tests returned inconclusively, We were at a total loss.

Summer 2016 –  Olivia’s weight plummeted to an all-time low of 14lbs simply put it had now become a life or death situation. Her Paediatrician decided on a Gtube device which we’re currently waiting for surgery to be scheduled. Olivia was admitted to a hospital to have a Ng tube inserted around 6 weeks ago. Through this, we can give her all her feed without the fear she will vomit or simply won’t take it. This has honestly been the best decision not only health wise but now Olivia is so much calmer and happier. As of today, she’s gained almost 10lbs. 

I just want to clear up a few things after reading quite a few blogs & comments about feeding tubes, this is not chosen as an “Easy option” or because “parents are too lazy” it’s chosen as a life or death, last resort. It’s not something any Doctor would decide on easily and certainly not because a parent has suggested it. 

Our main priority is Olivia’s health this is a short term temporary measure which will soon see her having a Gtube in replacement (another post another time).