NHS, From the bottom our hearts thank you 

Today 29th May 2017 I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking how terrifying the upcoming events are and how they could potentially make millions of lives ours including endangered. The NHS is in jeopardy. I watch the news, I read the articles, I see the debates and I’m active on Twitter where I see the many accounts created to raise awareness for how important our NHS is. The NHS million being just one that I follow….

Here is why the NHS is important to us.

We spent 90 days visiting our tiny baby girl in the Neonatal unit. Neonatal nurses, Drs and surgeons who cared for and essentially saved our daughters life. Even to this day almost five years later we lean heavily on the NHS for our daughter’s needs and health.

Dear NHS NICU Nurses and Doctors,
You have no idea how much you mean to us, or how you will always hold a very special place in our hearts. The love, respect, and admiration that we have for you can compete with no one.
You took care of our baby, when we, her parents didn’t know how. We didn’t know how to change her nappy without moving her lines. We didn’t know what medication went where, or how to run the machines that were keeping her alive.
We tried our best, we really did. But she was so sick, and we were so scared. We were thrust into the NICU hours after her surprise early delivery. The first time we saw our baby she was in an incubator and hooked up to more machines than we could count. The environment was intimidating, to say the least.
You told us how we could touch her without stimulating her too much. You had tissues ready because you knew that we would cry. You encouraged us to interact with her even though you knew we were frightened too. We never felt more like her parents than at those times.

You let us take home NICU souvenirs, we treasured her heart monitor leads and her first tiny dummy.

You started a diary of her progress for us read. You answered every single question we asked. You comforted us while we cried and encouraged us to believe she would come home.
You gave her, and us, every piece of your strength, day in and day out, for weeks. You did everything in your power and more to keep her alive. We feel like ‘Thank You’ isn’t enough, but it’s all we have to give you. You’re amazing, and you do things no one else can. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
Lots of Love our Family X