Why I’m sad Olivia’s leaving nursery

Why I’m sad Olivia’s leaving nursery

Recently Olivia came home from nursery with a DVD it showed her having a therapy session & children in her group playing with her, it just reminded me how much I love her nursery. Having somewhere so close to our house that caters for Olivia's needs is beyond amazing. It's the kind of place that if your child has additional needs their progress is going to be magnified. So we are enormously grateful that Olivia secured a place part time.

It's hard to describe what they have provided over the years for Olivia with their ethos of inclusion and high standards of education. Each child, regardless of ability, is fought for, nurtured, encouraged, developed, taught and most importantly, loved.  It's a place where children like Olivia could flourish and never ever be seen as less able, less important, less in any way. In fact, their ethos is


"We believe that every child, irrespective of their ability, support needs or background, has inherent worth, promise and purpose, however long or short their life might be. We support parents and carers to nurture their child in a loving family environment. Through learning and playing together, the children are helped to value and care about each other, whatever their difference".

The staff too are amazing and if you ever want to see the epitome of 'Teamwork' just pay them a visit. It is not a school environment, it is a family.

The nature of Olivia's nursery is she's surrounded by neurotypical children as well as children with additional needs. She thrives off the environment children bring a certain energy with them and Olivia absolutely loves it. They read to her, sing to her and play with her she is just one of them.

Everything I feared about sending Olivia to the nursery was proved wrong and I can't explain how happy I am that I was wrong. Olivia hasn't missed out on a single thing. I can't say anything meaningful enough to convey what Olivia's attendance at this nursery has meant to us over the years. All I can say is thank you.


Thank you for caring for our daughter as if she were your own.

Thank you for working together and giving Olivia every single thing she needed to thrive.

Thank you for not only supporting Olivia but also myself in more ways than one.

Thank you, we're ready to begin Olivia's next chapter but we're equally sad to leave you behind.

Charnwood is an amazing nursery & if you're looking for a place for your child I highly recommend it.