Oral healthcare The complete beginners guide when your child’s disabled.

Oral healthcare The complete beginners guide when your child’s disabled.

When your child is disabled or has sensory issues oral health care can be extremely difficult. Some people with cerebral palsy will struggle with oral hygiene for many factors. Struggling to clean teeth regularly, having difficulties eating or swallowing can play a huge part. Even having behavioural problems caused by not being able to communicate.

Have you ever brushed your teeth with a new toothpaste & it’s almost made you gag? Imagine that but being non-verbal so you can’t communicate the problem + extreme reflux and eventually, you will refuse to use it. This is what happened with Olivia and up until recently, we had zero problems brushing Olivia’s teeth then out of the blue she points blank refused to open her mouth.


We have found toothpaste to be a tricky one there are so many on the market however until recently we didn’t know there were options for people with disabilities.

Oranurse is a flavour and frothless toothpaste which comes highly recommended for all patients who can not tolerate regular toothpaste.

gently flavoured toothpaste like strawberry or banana may also be a good option. With these, you still get the benefit of toothpaste but without a minty burning sensation but still a flavour your child might enjoy.


A baby or toddler toothbrush is usually the best option because the bristles are softer and the head is smaller.

An electric toothbrush is also a good choice because of the sensations Olivia found this really funny (at first). Eventually, though she refused to open her mouth.

I have also heard of people using gauze wrapped around their fingers.

Our discovery – silicone toothbrushes

The most obvious reason to use a silicone toothbrush is they resist bacteria build up, unlike conventional bristle toothbrushes. More importantly for us is that they are super gentle & perfect for sensitive gums.

disabled child dental hygiene

Jack N Jill

An Australian company who prides Itself with all natural, safe care for babies & children. Their silicone toothbrush features a safety guild doubled with flexible silicone bristles. Making it virtually impossible to apply too much pressure.

disabled child dental hygiene

100% medical & food grade silicone


BPA, PVC & phthalate free

Since switching to this brand we’ve had no issues with brushing Olivia’s teeth in fact now she really enjoys having her teeth brushed!

disabled child dental hygiene

We also switched up her toothpaste and after lots of research found Bioteneto be the best option. It’s marketed towards people who suffer from dry mouth & even though Olivia doesn’t (due to her cerebral palsy she dribbles) its flavour is more subtle than toothpaste available on the market.

Due to Olivia suffering from severe reflux she can be sick numerous times a day. Biotene toothpaste can be used up to four times daily which is fantastic. Her teeth will still be cared for and we don’t have to worry about over brushing.

If you have any reccomendations please comment down below & make sure you check my resource page.

I purchased mine here from Amazon.

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