The big Q…What’s your personality trait?

For some time I had always believed my personality trait was an introvert. The characteristics seemed to be down to a T, that was when I thought there were only 8 personalities! How wrong was I!?! In fact, there are 16 upon discovering this I also ascertained I am in fact An advocate which is claimed to be a very rare trait making up only 1% of the population.

INFJ – INTROVERTED, INTUITIVE, FEELING, JUDGING. We seek meaning & connection in ideas.

Common traits of an advocate

– Extremely intuitive

– Sensitive & perceptive

– Hold strong convictions & beliefs

– Tend to be gifted writers

– Likes to work independently

– Can be secretive

– Rarely at complete peace with themselves

An insight from my perspective…..

1 | I like to be around people but I also have social anxiety.

Making new friends is incredibly difficult for me. Engaging when your an introvert is like battling with yourself. I tend to prefer a small circle of intimate friends than a large group of people. I hate small talk with a passion, i’d much rather have a deep conversation with meaning.

2 | I have a resting bitch face; I’m a nice person honest.

Please, please please stop asking if I’m OK! I’m OK this is just my face! I may seem intimidating or just plain mean, but I promise I’m not. That’s just the way my face naturally looks. Chances are, I’m thinking about what I’m going to eat for dinner. My facial expression has nothing to do with you. Don’t be afraid to approach me!

3 | I communicate better in writing than speaking.

Vocalising how I’m feeling isn’t something I’m always comfortable doing. So instead, I choose to write. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to say hard things and look people in the eye while you’re saying them. Writing comes naturally to me. That’s why I love blogging so much and why it’s the perfect hobby for introverts!

4 | I remember way too many details about people, places, and things.

Admittedly I’m terrible with names, however, locations, directions and pretty much any details that don’t necessarily require me to remember I’m good with.


5 | Even though I may be quiet, my mind is always loud and always observing.

I won’t always participate in the conversation, but it’s usually because I’m silently noticing what’s going on around me. I’m an observer for sure. I won’t always talk, but I’m definitely listening and filing things away to remember and think about later. Don’t think I don’t hear and see everything.

6 | I want to be alone, but I don’t want to be lonely.

I thrive off of alone time, possibly due to being an only child. But there have been times in the past where I was so lonely, I didn’t know what to do with myself or how to make it better.

As an introvert, I love spending time by myself. I love recharging my batteries. But that doesn’t mean I don’t also love being around people or that I don’t need to socialise. I just need to do it in a way that makes me feel safe and comfortable.

7 | Sometimes I suck at keeping up with close friends.

No matter how much I love you or how close of friends we are…I’ve probably ignored your call or text at least once. I’m sorry (really I am), but trust me when I say that this has nothing to do with you.

I love my best friends. Some days, I just don’t feel like being social. And that’s okay.

8 | I am an old soul

Doesn’t matter my age I’m an old soul at heart. I used to think it was because my grandparents practically raised me or if due to my personality we just got along exceptionally well. I will happily pass on a night out on the town instead of spending it indoors watching a good film.

Can you relate to any of these or are you an extrovert? I’d love to know! Take the personality test here to see which you are.

  • carol hedges

    I have actually acted as an Advocate on a Public read this with GREAT interest! Yep ~I’d agree…on the balance of probability…

  • Ritu Kaur BP

    I got Protagonist! And I am 91%extrovert which I totally agree with!

    • So fascinating! Take a look on Pinterest there is a lot of info about each one & it’s fascinating

  • I’ve been an INFJ on the Myers Briggs scale when tested in the past, and came up as an INFJ again here! So, I am an Advocate too! Great post.

  • I am also an INFJ! 🙂 I know how you feel!

  • Angela Noel

    Nice to learn a little about you! I’m looking forward to taking the quiz. I see myself as an ambivert–I love people, but relish time alone.

  • I have 5 of these 6 traits! Stumbling! I love psychology. I blog about how it relates to bloggers.

  • INFJ seems to fit well with a lot of bloggers! I’ve taken the MBTI test many times over the years, and always come up with INFJ…and it’s so accurate!

  • Nicole Locorriere

    I got advocate too! Being in psychology, I always find these types of tests interesting. Thanks for the cool post!


  • hehehe from a fellow INFJ who has been told he has a resting bitch face as well, I can’t tell you how reassuring it is to know that I’m not alone. Cheers!

  • Next Level Blogging

    I ‘m going to take this quiz right now !

  • Next Level Blogging

    I ook the quiz. I’m a “Campaigner” and it was dead on! Crazy how in-depth and accurate it was. Thanks for your post!

  • Oh man. When I started looking in to all the different types of personality types, I was overwhelmed – there are so many! I took the test you linked and my result was “Defender”. Interesting.

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

  • Olujorby Chemqueen

    I took the test and I got accurate result of my personality trait. Glad I found this.

  • I am a big introvert. I like being alone. Sure, I can be social once in a while, but for the most part, I’m content being by myself.

  • Maro Akamatra

    I can totally relate? I need to find out what type am I right now! I bet I have some of your traits too!

  • Divya Budhraja

    I’ve had to do a few personality tests when I started working at new jobs. It was my principal’s way of trying to see how we could pull on our strengths. I wrote a post about it! I’m a relationships person 🙂

  • Alicia P

    I thought that may be me as well because everything with the exception of one was definitely me. The one that is not me is ‘being secretive’…I can’t keep things to myself. 🙂

  • T-Nicole Johnson

    I believe that I am a old soul as well… I wish I was good with directions. I am so horrible with it.

  • Jhilmil Bhansali

    I’m extrovert but my hubby is introvert & I can easily relate to all this.. I better communicating writing..this is so true..Many times things cannot be spoken & they get come out in the form of written words.. Liked it

  • I am an old soul for sure but I still need to sit down and think what personality trait I am because I honestly never thought about it

  • David Elliott

    I’m with you about as many things I remember about people. Sometimes I wish I would forget them because then when I talk to them again sometimes I think they fear me as being creepy. And the truth is I just remember what they told me.

  • Absolutely one of those things which have always confusing.I am.not sure I can be classified !

  • Deimarys Colon

    I have a horrible time keeping friends. Everyone thinks I am super nice, and I am!! BUT, I don’t like to go out or socialize and making conversations? I need help in that department.

  • Vishal

    Your perspective 3 & 8 resembles with mine. Even I am a good communicator in writing. I totally understand you.