Health Diagnoses… Now what?

Health Diagnoses… Now what?

Parenting is perhaps the most difficult journey most of us will ever embark on. Parenting a child with additional needs adds a degree of complexity. Now, we’re 4 years on from official cerebral palsy diagnoses nothing has really changed with regards to medication or therapy. What do you do when you receive a diagnosis regarding your child’s health?

The process of Olivia’s diagnoses and health conditions that followed have taught me a few things. 

  • Even if you are expecting diagnoses, the first time you are told will be overwhelming hearing a professional say those words. You will push for tests and scans hoping deep down it’s all a huge mix-up and everybody is mistaken. I burst into tears after that hospital appointment, it’s a big deal allow time to process the information.
  • Regarding Olivia People generally, know nothing about periventricular leukomalacia and not much more about cerebral palsy. Lots of people will want to tell you your child will be ok. A common one for me is “how strong Olivia is” nope that’s not strength in her little legs its spasticity! It’s exhausting trying to explain her condition. Regarding Sofiya a baby suffering a paediatric Stroke isn’t common amongst people, It can also go undetected sometimes for years. We won’t know if it will have any lasting effects. Explaining this when in return we hear constantly “she looks fine” is irritating.

  • Everything will change and nothing will change. Nothing will change overnight it’s a long road, however, be prepared as your schedule will start to fill with therapy sessions & hospital appointments. You will meet people from every health department you can think off. The love for your child will never change, your child will still be your child with their little personality and cheeky character. Make no mistake Days will sometimes be difficult and there’s plenty of times I’ve broken down, it’s natural.

  • You are not superhuman! There will be days where you accomplish plenty and feel great, you will feel in control. You will also have bad days where you read hundreds of inspirational quotes and think about what could have been, what you should have done. This never helps and it’s unhelpful you may think they make you feel positive but they can have the opposite effect making you feel unimportant and spiralling out of control.

  • If you’re not coping well Tell somebody please don’t suffer in silence. I’ve been there I suffered without doing anything. Do talk to somebody a friend, your GP and health visitor. Remember this isn’t “normal” parenting is challenging enough throwing additional needs into the loop adds to the difficulty. Never be ashamed to ask for help, if your at that stage seek help!

  • Celebrate every tiny victory. There will be days when your child does something you never expected and you will burst with pride and excitement. Celebrate it!

  • Take each day as it comes. Motherhood isn’t a race don’t try and out do the people around you.

    Nicole x