Relationship after babies. Laughter, tears & tantrums?

Relationship after babies. Laughter, tears & tantrums?


WOW, I can’t believe this was taken almost 11 years ago! How much we didn’t know and how much we thought we knew! Childfree and carefree teenagers with not a single worry in the world!

No idea that in 7 years we would have a family together, knee deep in nappies and able to understand the complex medical jargon. Midweek partying a distance memory and now singing along to Disney soundtracks on REPEAT!

Having babies sure does transform your relationship and it really does have the power to shake things up. Babies can make or break even the most solid of relationships.
You think you know your partner before you have children think again!

I know, I know it’s completely different for everybody. I thought I’d still write down and share for a little fun! 

1. You will love your partner until that 3am feed rolls around & he’s FAST ASLEEP! Not even a stir whilst the baby cries. A jab in the ribs will help but not always!

2. You will mentally think up how to kill him when he returns from work exclaiming “how tired he is”

3. The best gift your partner can now give you is FREE – a lie in

4. You will feel guilty that your makeup range is gathering dust & you don’t put as much effort into your appearance but “ain’t nobody got time for that”

5. You will argue over STUPID & the most irrelevant things. “Who put peppa pig in the wash before nap time”?

6. You will keep a mental tally of how much stuff gets done at home & save that shit for when arguments get heated

7. You will want to have sex but sleep will prevail the majority of the time

8. You will mentally tally up all of the nappies you change so when the baby does a really stinky one you can proclaim “it’s their turn”

9. Speaking of poo this topic will be discussed more times than you can possibly imagine

10. You will learn so much about your partner’s core values and upbringing, that neither of you knew before.

11. You will never feel more in love when he scoops up the baby for a cuddle! Falling asleep cuddling the baby or playing in general. Trust me

12. You will develop a whole new kind of love for your partner when you see how much love they have for your children.


Having kids is a huge shock to the system, no matter who you are! It can be tough during those early days especially when everyone’s tired & you feel yourself slipping into a deep pit of despair
But it’s good to remember that you’re in this together! And everyone is trying their best – even though it might be hard to see it at the time!


Nicole x

  • Deb’s World

    You have summarised parenthood very well. There are good and bad things that impact on relationships but we don’t always recognise these issues until we’re knee deep in it or way afterwards. Good luck to you all! I enjoyed reading your post.

    • Thank you! Yes it’s a pretty scary yet exciting experience.

  • Ritu Kaur BP

    Oh that is Parenthood in a nutshell!
    Your first point reminds me of a pupils dad in my class right now. They have just had a new baby. He said the little one was staying awake loads at night so he told his wife to get some sleep. He would play with the baby. Basically, he woke up in the morning, having fallen asleep pretty soon after making this statement. Mum ended up awake with baby most of the night anyway!
    Oh well, at least the intention was there!

    • Glad you enjoyed reading it. I genuinely believe it’s women’s nature & they don’t mean it but it’s annoying anyway. Oh well at least they try like you said.

  • Noelle Kelly

    I’ve only seen this secondhand but can definitely imagine how hard, yet rewarding this must be.

  • Aaw that’s so sweet ! I’m glad that you can reflect on this time with such positive emotions and good memories.