SELF CARE TOOLKIT – What it is & why you need one

SELF CARE TOOLKIT – What it is & why you need one

 I have done a few posts in the past touching on the subject of self-care including Why self-care is important and 21 simple ways to practice self-care.

For me, being so hugely into self-care I wanted to share everything I have in my “self-care toolkit.”

For me, it depends on the time of day (morning versus evening) and what kind of mood I’m in. If I’m feeling really good, the things I pull out of my self-care toolkit are going to be different than if I’m feeling frustrated, burnt out, or some other low-vibe energy. But there a few things I use every single day, no matter what.

1. Scent

Self-care toolkit

This is either candles or oil diffusers depending on my mood and what I'm trying to achieve I'll either choose relaxing scents or energising.
Whilst I studied beauty therapy Aromatherapy was one of my absolute favourites I loved discovering how using different scents affected your mood. It's such a small thing but makes a huge difference. Anytime is a good time for a space that smells cosy or relaxed. It instantly transforms the feel of a space.
One of my favourites scents is Lavender, Known Lavender benefits are relieving tension, improving sleep & it's thought it can help treat anxiety, depression and restlessness. I also use Ylang Ylang & chamomile. If I'm feeling like I need a little energy I opt for peppermint or lemon, stimulating yet calming and raise alertness.

2. Morning self-care duo

Self-care toolkit

My morning routine (once the girls are sorted) consists of two items I wake up, brew a coffee, spray a few essential oil scents and pop on my chosen podcast & fill in my Workbook. With Sofiya running round this isn't all peace and quiet but I make the most of it.


I love a podcast or Audio style book I can pop it on whilst cleaning or relaxing I find them so extremely POWERFUL and transformative. I'm currently listening to a few, The Mindful Kind & Ted talks are amongst my favs. 

Workbook – Style your Mind by Cara AlwilLeyba 

This easy workbook and lifestyle guide is for women who wish to make personal and professional changes using the life coaching process. Filled with powerful questions, thought-provoking activities, inspirational quotes, and lifestyle tips. It's a journey to style your mind, empower yourself, and ultimately live your most gorgeous life.

3. My passion


Self-care toolkit

My passion; hobby, creative outlet, purpose, calling, mine…the thing that lights me up. We all have it, even if we haven’t really given it much thought to know what it is…but it’s there.

I consider writing self-care for me because it allows me to express myself and to be creative. It's the place where I can come, write and share and have something that’s just mine, separate from my other roles in life.

4. Self-help / Healing books

Self-care toolkit

Not everything I read is classified under this category, for example, I love Physiological thrillers but when I'm taking time out self-help books are where I turn too.

Who says you can't you can
This is a great book I read a few pages here and there and also completed a couple of the tasks inside. I feel like you can return to this in the future to see how far along you've come which I really like the sound of.

5. Pinterest


self-care toolkit

I LOVE Pinterest for all of the beautiful, amazing quotes and images. I create a board and make it secret, and then I fill it up with anything that I’m currently dreaming about or with quotes and affirmations that currently speak to me. Sometimes I’ll scroll through new content and just pin it to my board, and other nights I’ll simply scroll through my vision board.
This is a great self-care tool for those nights when you’re just too tired to be any kind of intentional. 
So simple and yet so powerful.

6. Guided meditation

self-care toolkit

Meditation will seriously transform your life in so many ways. It has helped me to have more inner peace, more manifestations, a higher perspective, tension-released shoulders, and just full of such calm. I try to listen to a guided meditation every night.
My absolute favourite is Headspace it's aimed for beginners who haven't meditated before. You do a free 10-day course where you practice meditation after you do have to pay but it's honestly worth it. There are different sections you can choose depending on any specific areas you want to work on within your life.

Do you have a self care toolkit? Don't forget you can check out Cara Alwil Leyba Style your mind here which i highly reccomend..

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