Why is Self care so important?

Why is Self care so important?

Self-care, Self-love…

This is something I don’t think people practice enough myself included. Sometimes I treat self-care as a reward, yet taking care of yourself is so important Whether you’re a Mother, Father, Student, Male or female we all deal with stress, some days life just gets a little too much.
Letting go of anything or anyone in any given situation. Let go of the person who’s broke your heart, makes you feel like you’re a weak person. Let go of relationships that don’t uplift you and instead drag you down, Let go of your crappy job that makes you miserable. Let go of anything negative.
Indulge in what you love. whether that’s reading, swimming, travelling or socialising. Everybody loves to participate in something. Your hobbies are usually the first to go when you become weighed down. Recently I’ve been enjoying preparing a herbal tea & taking time out to either read or write.


Neglecting yourself physically, Not taking that bubble bath or facial. Not going for a walk and getting fresh air,
The physical side is important but so is Neglecting yourself mentally, dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. When feeling intense emotions it’s important to take a break to process it.
This is why I decided to include a self-care series to my blog – Self care Sunday’s. For a long time when I was feeling anxious or stressed I’d just work through it or ignore it, depending on the situation and my mood. Instead, I now try to set aside a minute to acknowledge my feelings. Keeping a diary/journal is something else I found to be effective, this blog is kind of a censored version or what I keep in my personal journal but it still helps to have this out here, after all, I started this blog as a way to raise awareness and possibly help. I’m sure if I feel like this somebody else be too.
I will be covering all my personal favourite ways I take care of myself and I hope to include guest posts ( If anybody is willing to share) So I hope you enjoy this new blog series.
  • Billie Jo Priestley

    This is so amazing and so true mum of 5 here and I’m acting like things I enjoy are a special treat!!

    • It’s so easily done! and it’s difficult to break out of the habit especially if you think self care is indulgent. There was a time I thought I didn’t “deserve” it because I’m only a sahm. Obviously incorrect EVERYBODY needs to indulge in self care X

  • MyRelDiary.com

    Every people needs to think about self care and positive thinking. I love your post!

  • This is such a great post….I enjoy going for walks and jogs near my house every weekend, coz I will feel good when I look good…looking forward to your Self Care Sundays series….

    • Thank you! I can’t wait for the weather to warm up in the U.K. Long walks are lovely especially during spring

  • Anmaria Djong

    I really love your post. I need to be reminded to take care of myself. I am so busy taking care my family that I am always the last one in priority. thank you for such a wonderful post.

    • It’s very easy to forget about your own needs whilst caring for others. Thank you for taking time to read.

  • I’ve had a really hectic past few months with a lot of travel so I am really big on self-care these days. I’m back to eating healthy, my grooming rituals and making sure I put myself first 🙂

    Gennifer Rose | http://www.GenniferRose.com

  • Tea Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

    I’ve had a horrible week this week and reading this post really helped me feel a bit more grounded so thank you ?

  • Crystal Dayton

    Good post. Self care is very important because if you can’t love yourself who can you love and its important to be kind to yourself.

  • Anaelle Jordane

    Self care Sunday’s sounds like a great idea! It really is important to acknowledge your feelings. Great post xx


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