Introducing: Selfcare Sunday Etc#2

Introducing: Selfcare Sunday Etc#2

This week I thought I’d start with Something I love, something I’m passionate about & that’s a good skincare regime. Skincare isn’t just “skin care” it’s Selfcare, When I have a facial it’s not just to help my skin it’s to help me feel good

The past few months or so I’ve found I’ve become increasingly lazy with my skincare routine. I don’t have much time in the mornings with the girls and Come evening I’m too exhausted and can’t be bothered. I always make sure I cleanse and moisturise but my other skincare steps are noticeably missing & my skin is showing signs.

Time to do something about it…

For me Evening skincare is where I have the chance to really pamper and indulge.

————– CLEANSE ————–

This is important – Double cleanse! This will remove Makeup, Dirt, Excess sebum anything on your face that’s preventing a thorough clean

Currently I’m using Coconut oil!. Massage onto dry skin and remove with a damp flannel. Now you go in with your Cleanser, I’m currently using La Roche Posey effaclar purifying gel for sensitive combination skin (always treat sensitive skin before any other issue, you can potentially aggravate your sensitivity & it can become worse!) I apply this to my clarosonic and work onto my skin removing with water. (A clarosonic has the potential to become a breeding ground for bacteria! Clean & dry properly after each use)

A good cleansing routine will lay the basis for anything that follows!

————– EXFOLIATE ————

Chemical exfoliation or Physical exfoliation?

This is where it gets a little more complicated this link will explain in more detail. The wrong type of exfoliation can damage your skin it’s best to research first.

I use a Hydroxy acid Either glycolic & salicylic, right now I love Pixi glow tonic. Apply to a cotton pad and swipe over entire face. Quick, Simple & very effective.

————- SERUM ————

If you don’t use a serum, you need to!! A serum penetrates your skin deeper than any other product & is one thing you shouldn’t skip regardless of age. I love Estée Lauder advanced night repair & Deicem the ordinary Hyaluronic acid, hydration, radiance what more could you want? 

————- MOSTURISER ————

Your moisturiser needs to be chosen by your skin type NOT skin condition. Here’s a link to help you understand the difference. My skin type is Normal/combination with an oily tzone, My moisturiser I love at the moment is Avene hydrance optimale light. (My oiliness doesn’t bother me & i don’t use skincare to mattify, I like to be glowy). 

Then comes Skincare Sunday. Sunday is when I really I want to really indulge & pamper myself. So I add the following into my routine.

spray hydrating toner Avene for my sensitivity or hylamide for dehydration 

Mask Origins overnight mask or my new fav sheet masks any brand

Oils coconut oil or Rosehip oil

My skin thanks me for this immensely & this sets me up for a more simplified weekly routine.

*Disclaimer. A cleanser is not designed to make your skin “squeaky” clean & a toner shouldn’t sting. Those are signs of irritation! Don’t pile on product a little goes a long way. Remember I am a qualified beautician however any changes to your skincare regime & products I mention or suggest are used at your own discretion.