Being strong and finding Strength 

Being strong and finding Strength 

So I’m going to pretty blunt and put it out there, I’ve had a pretty shitty and difficult year. I completely lost myself… Every feeling I had put on hold for years began to consume me.

There have been moments where I’ve wanted to give up, where I’ve wanted to give in. Give into self-destruction, give in to the pain and trauma and to admit defeat. There have even been times where I’ve thought that not being around anymore would be easier. That drowning in the ocean would be better than drowning in the sadness.
I guess you could say I had hit rock bottom.
I’ve had to learn the hard way that some things don’t last forever and at some point, you can’t keep running from your problems because eventually, they’ll catch up with you. I’ve come to realise that seeking help is so important, and putting in boundaries to protect yourself is non-negotiable.

Along with advice from professionals, I will try a number of different methods, after a lot of research I’ve found a range of apps, blogs & books that maybe could be of some benefit.

This year will soon come to an end and I have learnt that although I’m vulnerable I’m okay, I am not broken, I am not defeated. I am here feet firmly rooted in the ground, I am here to stay I can’t and I won’t give up. There are times I would like to erase from my memory however, I am not ashamed for events that have happened as they have shaped me into the person I am and the person I will become.

*any recommendations I share on my blog are my own.