Because of my daughter I see the world through different eyes, she does not speak but she has plenty to say. I am her support. I am her voice. Together we can help make a change. My daughter Olivia is 5 due to complications at birth she suffers from a neurological disorder known as Periventricular… View Post

When the time came for Olivia to start using a specialised buggy I honestly had no clue what to expect. Due to Olivia’s small size, we’d gotten away with using a “regular” pram for quite a while. With Olivia having spastic Quadriplegic cerebral palsy we found that she needed significantly more head & trunk support,… View Post

It was a bit difficult at first to have our house filled with adaptive equipment, seeing my baby measured for every aspect of her life from eating, standing, playing, sleeping and bathing was intense emotionally. Before my eyes, she had gone from Olivia the baby to Olivia who required equipment for disabled children. Obviously, those… View Post