If you’ve been here from the beginning (which honestly, wasn’t too long ago) when I created this blog you will see I’ve deterred from my original “niche” It certainly isn’t intentional as raising awareness for Periventricular leukomalacia until everybody understands is still my ultimate goal, it’s just some days are easier spreading that message than… View Post

This September, a soon to be five-year-old Olivia will leave The Early Intervention programme. The natural next step for most families, with a child with significant physical disabilities, is to then begin transitioning their child from a home-based therapy programme to a special needs school. Luckily we have chosen a school (which we’ve just received… View Post

26.03.17 Epilepsy awareness Month & I’ve finally decided to write Olivia’s journey with Epilepsy. It’s ok , you’re going to be ok , mummy’s here it’s ok sssh don’t cry baby everythings going to be ok I would repeat this numerous times a day as another violent seizure took hold, causing Olivia’s body to stiffen… View Post

When your child has been officially registered as blind but has vision. Late last year Olivia received a diagnosis of CVI known as Cortical visual impairment. This means the eye takes a normal picture of the object and sends the message to the brain, The message is not properly processed or integrated because of the… View Post

Coming home, Today and everything in between. We came home in March 2013 and as I’m writing this its November 2016. A lot has happened in the last 3 years, Epilepsy diagnoses, feeding tubes, Surgeries and having another baby Sofiya Poppy Koropisz.  We enjoyed the typical family life of having a newborn baby, and for… View Post