Ok so that’s a bit dramatic it didn’t really “change my life” HOWEVER it did make me fall in love with my curls again. Around 18 months ago I decided I’m going to embrace my natural hair & look after my curls. This meant chopping off dead ends & STOP using heat ( I was colouring, blow drying & then straightening my hair pretty much every 3 weeks and the damage was beginning to show).

Since then I’ve been on the hunt for a do it all product. More importantly does one even exist?
One thing I found on my transitioning hair journey – it ain’t cheap! These products are filled with natural, organic ingredients without harsh chemicals which translates into their prices. 
Finding good quality affordable products was proving difficult ….. Until I found Treasure Tress.

TREASURE TRESS – The hunt for quality natural hair products is officially over.

TT Are a subscription company for women (Queens), Teenagers (Tweens) & Children (Mini’s) with curly hair. They navigate the world of natural hair care, handpick the best & deliver to you each month beautifully packaged & even better…. FULL SIZE! They have collaborated with big name brands & smaller niche brands, for example, Palmers 

Treasure Tress
I have been receiving my subscription for 6 months now & I am always more than happy each time… I didn’t photograph each box as I didn’t have my blog & didn’t realise I’d one day write a review…. I am still working my through my Palmers Manuka Honey collection as you need so little of each product!

From left to right

Leave-in conditioner spray – I use this for 2nd, 3rd, 4th-day hair refreshing, Whenever I do protective hair styles or I use it as a detangler for the girl’s hair.

Olive oil spray – Fine light spray, non-greasy which is perfect to use as a finishing spray.

Protein pack – Protein is an important ingredient for us curly girls. Without getting too technical when your curls feel mushy & just will not play along with you then you probably need protein!

Shampoo & Conditioner – Strengthens & nourishes curls which are great qualities when transitioning.

This was by far my favourite collaboration as it came when my hair really needed it. Plus the smell is divine – Honey 

 “The handwork is done for you”


* Full-size products

* They never repeat products

* Monthly subscription you can easily place on hold

* Delivered straight your door

* Includes samples


* you may end up (like me) with quite a lot of products!

* The occasional products may not be suitable for your hair type. Hair products suitable for 4c Curls might be too heavy for 3a Curls.


Treasure Tress

Treasure Tress
My hair has improved 100% over the past 18 months & I pretty much scream & shout this company to anybody who listens! The results shown above are from months of using a mixture of products from

You can also Purchase each indivial item from Amazon

[amazon_link asins=’B018EA5R3M’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’nicol0a-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’0e140277-36f1-11e7-b040-e54427ebeee4′]
When transitioning through a natural hair journey patience is key. Lots of hot oil treatments & masks you really need to care for your hair. 

View their website & subscribe here