Review : Ottobock kimba neo wheelchair / buggy. 

Review : Ottobock kimba neo wheelchair / buggy. 

When the time came for Olivia to start using a specialised buggy I honestly had no clue what to expect. Due to Olivia’s small size, we’d gotten away with using a “regular” pram for quite a while. With Olivia having spastic Quadriplegic cerebral palsy we found that she needed significantly more head & trunk support, working with her Physiotherapist we soon had an appointment to see a wheelchair specialist.

The process

 Our journey began with our initial meeting discussing Olivia & our family needs, seeing which paediatric wheelchair would best suit us. Our final choice was The ottobock Kimba neo which is a rehab buggy designed to suit a large spectrum of children. There are two size options available 1-6 years and 4-10 years meaning it will grow with your child. We opted for size 1 which is 1-6 years time frame. A moulded seat was suggested as Olivia’s hips are uneven & her arms are usually tight to her body, a mould can be moulded to her body shape for a snug supportive fit. (This added an extra 4 weeks onto order time, the mould needed to be sent off to be cut & attached to a suitable base)

Four weeks later we returned and received our final mould where sizes & overall fit was checked. I was then able to choose frame colour and seat cover colour and materials.

Another four weeks passed & I picked up our new wheelchair/buggy. Whilst we were there a suitable head support was chosen & fitted.


Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair
Kimba neo 


* Seat can be reversed (parent or rear facing)

* Adjustable handlebar height

* Foot brake

* Storage bag/basket

* Easily folds without removing seat

* Lockable front swivel wheels

* Large rear wheels

* Fantastic suspension

* Seat is able to recline


* Heavy to lift (moulded seat attached)

* Quite large when folded (not great if you have a small boot)

* Doesn’t come with canopy or rain cover

The pros definitely outweigh the cons. 

Final thoughts

Our Ottobock kimba neo has transformed our daughters life. Now it’s easier to get around & we’re confident she’s fully supported.

What I liked about the company is along with Olivia’s needs for the support they take into consideration the parents needs of the design. I was able to choose frame colour and seat cover colours, which isn’t an important factor yet it was a nice option to make it look aesthetically pleasing. I chose a black frame with Pink & Grey seat covers. Overall the frame is incredibly sturdy & I have faith it will last years, due to the moulded seat having removable liners this has added in longevity, as Olivia grows we just remove a liner. 12 weeks is quite a while so I suggest making the inquiring about the transition sooner rather than later.

Please see attached link for more in-depth technical aspects of Kimba neo size 1 and size 2.

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