Will they? Will I? Motherhood worries.

Will they? Will I? Motherhood worries.

Bringing up a child opens up a certain level of self-doubt within yourself.

First of all, It’s not uncommon during Motherhood, after all, you’re responsible for another human beings life. This amount of responsibility is sometimes overwhelming and as a result of this, I question everything.

  • Will I be a good enough mother?
  • Will I teach her all she requires?
  • Will she be successful in life?
  • Will our journey be enjoyable?

How do these questions differ when you’re also raising a child who has a neurological disorder? It’s exhausting having all these questions running through your head. We are a family of four bringing up our children moulding them into their future, yet we’re essentially walking two very different paths.

  • Will I find the right strategies to support her development?
  • Will I be patient enough?
  • Can I successfully bring the world to her?
  • Will I learn what she truly needs?
  • Can I keep her healthy & Striving?

As my child grows older I wonder, 

  • Will they respect her needs?
  • Will they adapt any situation and support her?
  • Will she be happy?
  • Will she make true meaningful friendships or will she feel alienated?
  • Will she know?
  • Will she know that I love her and treasure her?
  • Will they know that no matter what I will always be a shoulder to lean on?

These worries will always be there, but I won’t let them harbour guilt, fear or any other negative feeling.

We will continue to play, to laugh and care for both our girls, Because they deserve the very best of us. They will make Motherhood enjoyable for me and I will make it enjoyable for them.

I will better myself so I can better my children.


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  • It must be so worrisome as a mother. Best wishes, and great post