What I know now.

What I know now.

Soon you will turn 26 and the life you are currently living is far from the life you had envisioned. Which has made me ponder what I wish I had known when I was sixteen. The feelings of fear, Self-conscious, Insecurity and confusion are a far cry from your teenage self.

Hey Nicole,

Wow, these last 10 years have been turbulent. Unforuntantly you are in for a rocky road please do not be afraid, you will be ok. 

The first thing I want to tell you is, Don’t ever stop reading & writing this was your passion and favourite subject at school. Don’t dumb yourself down to fit in you are bright and intelligent be proud of that.

You are NOT responsible for your parent’s (or any else for that matter) relationship or their happiness.

Your life is your own and you owe no-one an explanation. You have spent the majority of your life on tender hooks, waiting for arguments, disagreements and for the peace to be shattered. Stop putting other people’s feelings before your own! If you want to spend time alone, do it. If someone makes you feel bad about yourself, stay away from them.

Know that you are stronger than you believe, your life will be turned upside down, you will be pushed to your limits more times than you care for. Some days will be incredibly painful but they won’t kill you, they will make you a stronger person. Just remember you are a strong person & you will have somebody stood right by side waiting patiently, don’t push him away.

Treasure the times spent with your grandparents, in a few years you may not be able to believe it but you won’t be as close. Memorise their humour, their stories and the special times you spent together, so during hard day’s you will always be able to go back to those times.

Most importantly It is not selfish to take care of yourself and put yourself first.

Prioritise your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being and do not let anyone make you feel guilty for doing so. It’s vital.

Somebody will tell you that Knowledge is power, remember that. Don’t forget to Laugh more and worry less.

Love your future self. X
PS Stop smoking it’s disgusting!

  • Lilian Yap

    Nicole, Your letter reminds me of my days in University when I was completing my first degree. It was a few tough years in there. There’s actually a song by MercyMe called “Dear Younger Me”. It reminds me very much of your letter. If you can check it out on youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-l70C3ePyIQ

  • Hi! I like the idea of writing a letter to my younger self. I’ve thought a lot about what my older self would have to say to me now. I visualize the older me, reflecting on the choices current me is making. What would I change and why? Interesting to reflect on.

  • Excellent advice to your younger self! I especially like the reminder that you’re stronger than you know – powerful message!

  • Ritu Kaur BP

    Great advice!